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Who We Are

 salesBeyond is a global sales growth strategy firm. As trusted advisers and change agents, we help organizations  accelerate their sales growth by integrating "Digital Selling" into their sales process. 

Our global network of experts help clients improve their sales effectiveness by equipping them with the right tools, techniques, talent and training. 

We assist organizations ranging from fledgling start-ups to heavily matrixed global organizations.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to help sales organizations thrive  in this era of Digital Disruption through effective management of their entire sales process

Our Beliefs

  1. Digital Disruption is as relevant to technology sales as it is to other disciplines or industries. 
  2. Selling should not be a game of chance nor it should be a hit or miss affair.  Predictable Revenue is possible.
  3. Sales leaders should know what customers they want and then make it happen
  4. Unpredictability and poor win rates in sales can be addressed by paying attention to the buyer's  entire journey in the sales process 
  5. Selling is as much a discipline  with well defined and measurable outcomes  as in say, software development.
  6. There is no secret sauce for sales success. The new age mantra in software development, "test quick, fail fast, keep what works," applies to selling, too.
  7.  Bringing Digital Transformation in sales is a long haul process and requires the right mindset, skillset and toolset.  


Digital Selling is still in its infancy and no single sales technology platform can address all your needs. At salesBeyond, we are committed to provide our clients with best in class solutions through our growing portfolio of partners who are leaders  in the Digital and Social selling space. 

Please visit Our Partners section to learn more about our partners .

Global Network and Advocacy

At salesBeyond, we are committed to Digital Selling becoming part of every organization's sales DNA, regardless of the industry or geography. We welcome like minded digital sales enthusiasts, practitioners,  evangelists and thought leaders to strengthen our hands by being part of our fast growing Digital Sales Advocacy Forum. Please contact us if you want to know how you or your staff can join our fast growing Digital  Sales Advocacy Forum


Experience you can count on

"Selling is my passion. Whether scouting for strategic partners in Poland, or advising banks in the Nordics on renewing their mission-critical systems, or selling anti-money laundering solutions to Islamic banks in the Middle East post 9/11, or enabling digital transformation in banking and wealth management industries in Canada, I have done it all in my almost thirty year career as a technology seller.  And, I am still at it!

Right from my first sales job in the early nineties to this day, I often find sales people shying away from a hunter's role, while I keep getting drawn to it like a magnet.  Unbeknownst to me, from very early in my career, I had started taking baby steps towards building a Hunter's DNA- failure by failure!

 Yes, hunters see a lot more failures before they get to taste success.  It is failure that drives the hunter and builds his attitude- his DNA! What an adrenaline rush it is to leave the safety of the shore to set sail into uncharted waters, master the trade winds to conquer new territories, create new markets, sell new untested products or forge new strategic alliances. All that to bring new client logos, just as the hunter brings to his people, a prized trophy. A hunter carries the weight of his entire tribe's expectations, day after day, season after season. 

Good hunters have always been in high demand.  More so, in today's slowing  economy, where businesses struggle to win new profitable clients. And yet, hunters rarely thrive.  While senior executives rely so critically on their hunters for growth, they also are quick to lose patience. Often both the management and hunters themselves, fail to recognize that today's economic uncertainties have drastically shrunk the size of the jungle itself. 

And, the digital age has now taken the game to an entirely new jungle - the cyberspace, leaving even the best of traditional hunters stranded in an old jungle, with its fast depleting trophies. With each passing season, the hunter's situation gets ugly; his people who depend on him feel betrayed. The sooner he realizes that his game is now in the digital jungle the better and, if he doesn't adapt quickly to this new reality by changing his mindset, acquiring  new skills, and adopting new tools, he faces an existential threat. 

At salesBeyond, our mission is to equip every traditional hunter with the right mindset, skillset and toolset, so they can consistently win new trophies (clients)  in an increasingly digital + social  marketplace. 

Come, begin your digital transformation journey with us!"                                                   


                                                                                    - Rajesh Singh

                                                                                      Chief Digital Sales Evangelist                                                

Rajesh Singh,
Founder & Chief Digital Sales Evangelist at salesBeyond

Rajesh Singh, Founder & Chief Digital Sales Evangelist at salesBeyond

Our Partners



 Grapevine6 is an enterprise social and digital sales engagement platform 



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